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Wie wir trauern > Booklet Release: Booklet zur Ausstellung Wie wir trauern. On Loss and Transformation, @Kollektiv Kaorle, 13. Juni 2024, 19 Uhr.

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>> Ausstellung, Beteiligung von Immo Grief <<

20. – 22. Juli 2023 ________Wie wir trauern – On Loss & Transformation

Art: Ausstellung / Installation ~ Ort: Garage Grande, Wien 1160 ~ von : The Highbrow Institute,

Fotocredits: Florian Rath, Katharina Liatskaia

mit: Agnes Tatzber, Anita Gröbl, Claudia Andersag, Emily Mary Whitaker, Ferdinand Waas, Jutta Niederstätter, Kollektiv Elsa Plainacher (Marlene Lahmer, Els van Houtert +), Lena Neuburger, Lisa Bolyos, Mônica Hirano, Nora Börding, Raphael Schanz, Sebastian Kokesch, Tomash Schoiswohl, Unter Palmen, Verro Ghadarjani

Drei Tage Raum für kollektives Trauern.

„____Mourning, leave-taking, and experiences of loss affect us individually, but the ways in which we cope with, depict and assess painful experiences ware socially and politically significant. Multiple global crisis, ecological grief, patriarchial violence: we mourn lost or perceived securities. Meanwhile, we permit irritation and interruption to act on our norms. For three days, the art and culture association Highbrow Institute dedicates a temporarily used parking garage, the Garage Grande in Vienna Ottakring, to exchange and discussions between artists, activists, scientists, and neighbours: What do the ways we deal with loss tell us about ourselves and how we relate to our present-day world? Can collective mourning revolving around societal grievances bring us closer together? And what can we learn from queer, migrant and other marginalized posistions of grieving? ____“ (Highbrow Institute)

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